Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulbs – Compatible with Alexa & Google Home


Work with Echo Alexa & Google Home: Connect to Amazon Echo Alexa/Google Home successful then you will control this smart bulb turning on/off, dimming, light color change with your voice.
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Technical Parameters:
Color: White
Shape: Rectangle
Voltage: AC 100-264 volts
Lamp holder: E27, B22, E26
Working temperature: -10-55 °C
Wattage: <4.5W
Fixed function: Download a free app “Magic Home” with your phone, then link the light bulb to your phone.
The right phone: Android 4.0/IOS9.0
App application language: Chinese, English, Japanese
Power: Corded-electric
Number of ways: 4 channels RGBW
Luminous: Warm white: 350LM
Color temperature: 2700-6500 Kelvin
Lamp characteristics: controllable
Bulb diameter: 60 mm
Light bulb height: 117 mm
Power factor: 0.6
Remote control distance: no obstacles 30m

Product Manual:
1. Work on the socket to install the wi-fi bulb and then turn it on.

2. Search for the app name in the iOS app store “Authoritative WiFi” Android Google Play Store and install the free app. Or by scanning the QR code to download.

3. The project connects the wi-fi bulb “LEDnet ***** *” in the Wi-Fi network of your mobile phone.
Note: By default, the lamp does not require a password. However, you can create a password bulb app for it.

4. Open the authoritative WiFi app and wait for your phone to scan this WiFi bulb.

5. You have three ways to control your WiFi bulb:
a. Single Mode: Click on “Skip, next time settings” and then directly control it. In single mode, you can only control one light bulb at a time. In addition, your phone also has WiFi at the same time, you must keep in touch with the WiFi bulb.

b. Network Mode: Click on “Settings” and then set your bulb to the WiFi router in turn.
Connect the light bulb to the WiFi router and connect your phone to this WiFi router. Then, open the MagichomeWiFi app and wait for your phone to scan the WiFi bulb and connect to this WiFi router. The application will now display all the lights in the Device List. In the “Device List”, you can choose the light bulb you want to control. How many lightbulb applications can control how many devices your WiFi router can hold.
In network mode, you can control all the light bulb WiFi routers connected to the WiFi router online.

c. Remote Control Via the Internet: Control your WiFi bulb anywhere in the world. In network mode, you only need to keep your WiFi router online. Click the gear icon corner at the top left to enter the settings page. Select your WiFi bulb and select “Remote Settings” from the pop-up menu. Check the remote status and choose to change it from unopen. Once the WiFi light bulb is restarted, you can find its Device List page in the Remote tab.

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Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulbs - Compatible with Alexa & Google Home

Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulbs - Compatible with Alexa & Google Home


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