UV & Rain Protection Doorway Canopy


Made from a hollow PC sheet with white or black brackets, these awnings are ideal for fixing above your windows or doors. With 95% UV filtration and 80% light transmission, the awnings are impact resistant, flame retardant and temperature resistant. They have a bended design for noise reduction and are easy to install. Whilst they’re a practical product, they will also add a little elegance to the outside of your home.
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Small (120cm)Medium (190cm)Large (270cm)

Product Features:
* High strength solid polycarbonate panel
* 95% UV filtration, 80% light transmission
* Impact resistance: Polycarbonate panel when the impact strength of 250 times of common glass.
* Flame retardant: according to the national GB8624-97 test flame retardant B1 level, no fire, no poison.
* Temperature resistance: Within the scope and -40 to +120 degrees Celsius, no deformation of degradation phenomenon.
* Self-clean by rainwater, bended design for noise reduction
* Easy installation, Durable, Environmentally friendly, Elegant appearance
* Infinitely increase the awning supports and free to extend for assembling

Performance Comparion:
* Cloth Awning (Canopy): weakness for terrible winds resistance
* Organic Glass Awning (Canopy): fragile material, easy to be broken
* Stainless Steel Awning(Canopy): too noisy when it rains, and cost is too high

* Panel Material: Hollow PC Sheet
* Bar Material: Engineering plastic brackets or Aluminum alloy brackets
* Bracket Material: ABS Plastic
* Brackets Color: White / Black

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White, Black


Small (120cm), Medium (190cm), Large (270cm)

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UV & Rain Protection Doorway Canopy

UV & Rain Protection Doorway Canopy


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