You can begin foaming straightaway by this.
Saves water and so eco-friendly.
Working condition is so perfect.
It’s a touch-less car wash, it saves your time and energy.
Tighten top screw all the way (clockwise) to get the most foam.
Professional and fits so well,durable fo used.

Size: 22.5*12.5*10.5cm (1cm=0.39inch)
Color: White + Red
Material: Stainless, Copper, Plastic
Capacity: 1L

How to used:
It is imperative that before the 2 bucket method is used that heavy soiling is first loosened up and removed with a pressure washer.
This will minimise any possible swirling and marring when it comes to the actual wash part of the detail when using your mitt.
The foam lance when matched with snow foam produces a thick white foam that is sprayed directly over the vehicle. Whilst dwelling the foam breaks down the soling and drags it down the vehicle. After 3-4 minutes the vehicle is ready to be pressure washed.
Once pressure washed a relatively clean vehicle is left over ready to be washed with a mitt.

Package include:
1x Pressure Washer Snow Foam Gun (Red&White)