Basic performance parameters:
Enter the AC 110-220 V
Output DC 6V-150mA
TV signal system:PAL-D
TV status: A.V.

Power adapter safety instructions
Children under the age of 3 years are not allowed to use.
Transformers are not toys.
This machine can only be used in accordance with the national standard of the transformer.
Turn off the power when cleaning the machine with a cleaning fluid
Use an isolation transformer.
This device can not be connected to a multi-connected power outlet.

Before inserting the card, be sure to turn off the power.
Do not touch the socket part of the card game.
Do not put gaming consoles, playing cards, power transformers, etc. are placed in a very hot or cold environment.
(8-bit console games, built-in 500 classic games, does not support game cards)

Weight: 460g

Package included :
1 x Game console
2 x wired controllers (joystick)
1 x Audio / Video Cable for TV
1 x US AC electric locomotive plug
1 x UK Plug Adapter