Purifying High Pressure Shower Head


High pressure shower head with built-in water purifying beads is a perfect accompaniment to any household shower. 3 styles of shower settings allow you to choose the perfect mode for your individual needs. The included shower beads will purify the water, reduce chlorine, and reduce the water ORP value giving you more radiant and moisturized skin.
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★ 3 shower modes: Waterfall, jet, and massage.
★ Reduces chlorine and ORP levels.
★ One button to control all features of the shower head.
★ Rust resistant silver or blue finish.
★ Easy set-up.
★ Uses 40% less water than traditional shower heads.
★ Compatible with almost all UK showers

Three Setting Modes:
Jet Setting: It will show you what you’ve been missing if you’re used to a lower pressure shower.
Waterfall Setting: It creates a more relaxing shower experience with a constant, steady water flow.
Massage Setting: It helps to ease those daily aches and pains with a more focused water stream.

Material: PC
Colour: White / Blue
Length: 24cm/9.45″

Package Included:
1 x Shower Head with Filter Beads

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Purifying High Pressure Shower Head

Purifying High Pressure Shower Head