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There’s nothing better than lighting up the barbecue on a summer’s afternoon, and with today’s deal you’ll be able to cook up a storm for all your friends and family!
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★By turning the crank handle, the charcoal tray can be raised or lowered to desired height.This allows for different heat settings depends on the food you are cooking and the temperature you want to cook.

★Ash pan with handle make it easy cleaning of the interior of the firebox after the unit has cooled down completely.

★Charcoal pan with holes design and four air vent which enhance airflow to make it burning more efficient.

★Bottom table and fordable side shelf with 4 tool hooks provide more space for the storage of food and kitchen goods .

★Integrated bottle opener meet the needs of uncorking a bottle quickly and enjoy party heartily.

★Two wheel make it handy and convenient to move and transport.

★Warming rack can thawed frozen food before cooking or keep the original taste and flavor of cooked food.

★Product Dimension:1170×457×1000mm
★Packing Carton Size: 780×540×320mm
★N.W: 24.5KG
★G.W.: 26KG

★1*Charcoal Barbecue Grill
Free Shipping⭐Usually ships within 2 to 3 working days.

Spacious Cooking Area

Height-adjustable Charcoal Pan

Easy to Add Coals

Fast and Even Heating

No Fussy Clean-up

Precise Heat Control

Ample Space for Food Preparation

Easy to Transport

Questions & Answers

Is this a coal bbq? Gas or electric?

It’s a coal BBQ Charcoal Grill.

Can you use wood chip in this bbq?

If You want to add a smoked flavour to the BBQ, you need to purchase the wood chip container and fill that with the wood chips and then soak it in water. Place the container on top of the coals and that will then generate the smoke for you.

What is the best way to remove the left over coals?

Please let the grill cool down completely before cleaning. Only tip out the ash when the fuel has completely burned out! Pull out the ash collecting tray and the empty out the cold ash.

Does the lid let the smoke out or is it sealed good enough for smoke not to escape?

This item might let a little bit of smoke out as it is not designed to be used a smoker to smoke your food with that is if you are are doing to use this item for this type of cooking.

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Portable BBQ Charcoal Grill