Color: Black, White
Size: 24 x 1.8cm(Adjustable).
Inpoot: 5V/1A
Outpoot: 34Hz-70khz
Rated power: 0.5w
Charging time: 30 minutes
Working time: 130hours

Principle of mosquito repellent: The bracelet can repel mosquitoes by imitating the disgusting voices of female mosquitoes, such as the voices of male mosquitoes and dragonflies. In nature, blood-sucking mosquitoes are female mosquitoes, and they are in the period of conception and oviposition. At this stage, female mosquitoes will avoid male mosquitoes and avoid second conception. So the sound of simulated male mosquitoes can achieve mosquito repellent effect. Product features: pure physical mosquito repellent, not chemical, safer, more environmentally friendly, safer and healthier. Old people, children, pregnant women and pets can be worn. Portable products can be worn indoors and outdoors (seaside, park, camping, mountain climbing, fishing).

1.This is new designed in ultrasonic mosquito repellent wristband, which could prevent mosquitoes from biting without harmful chemicals, odors or smoke.
2.USB rechargeable, a bracelet which could let you no worry about the whole days, no any mosquito troubles.
3.Adjustable wristband design, (One size fits all) great for children and adults. Enjoy your beautiful time without mosquito.
4.Built-in aluminum polymer battery, just need 30 minutes to charge full,can work 130 hours and standby for 6 month.
5.Three mode can be set:The first mode is turn on the power,this is the first mode of Indoor use.Press the button again,this is the second mode of switch to ourdoor sports mode.Press the button third time is the third mode of silent mode.
6.A great tool for camping, fishing, hiking, parks, shopping, home etc.for your child your family your friend. Enjoy your happy times without mosquito troubles!

Package include:
1 x Mosquito Repellent Bracelet
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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Black, White