Type: automatic faucet
Tap mouth: single hole
Surface Technology: Polished Valve Core
Material: Electric
Valve Material: Brass (faucet body) & ABS plastic (electrical control box)
Type:Alternating Current/ Direct Current(4 x AA batteries not included)
Water flows once when the sensor gets induction, and switches off immediately when the signal disappears – no water is wasted!
Small consumption: 4 pieces AA alkaline batteries for more than 2 years if used 200 times a day! Detection range: preset 30CM (the induction distance will be adjusted by itself according to its environment)
Suitable water pressure: 0.1 MPa – 0.6 MPa (preferably 0.1MPa – 0.3 MPa) Only cold water

Package Contents:
1x tap with cable
1x control box
1x hose
1x accessories for assembly