Beach Magic Sand Free Mat

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Our beach mats are extremely durable, lightweight and foldable into small pockets for easy sand removal, cleaning and quick drying. Can be used as a blanket, mat, beach, picnic, park, family travel, hiking, fishing, other occasions and outdoor activities.

1.5 * 2 m2 * 2 m

If the sand on the beach towel annoys you a lot, there is a solution. It is a super-technological beach towel that is not filled with sand.
and formed by an upper and a lower side, it is composed of a special fabric created for military use, which allows the grains of sand to be filtered in the lower part, without bothering you while sunbathing.
allows sand and dust to cross it, but preventing it from rising, leaving you in a clean “island”.
In addition to the sea, it can be used in camping, in front of a tent, a camper or for a picnic.

M: 150 * 200cm
L: 200 * 200 cm
Available colors:  Blue,Pink,Green

Package content:
1 * Sand Free Mat

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Blue, Green, Pink


1.5 * 2 m, 2 * 2 m

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Beach Magic Sand Free Mat

Beach Magic Sand Free Mat

8.9910.99 (-48%)

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