1500W 3-Tier 170cm Heated Electric Clothes Dryer Portable Foldable

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This air dryer dries clothes quickly and easily, so you won’t need to rely on a sunny day or clear radiators to get your washing dry. It works by circulating warm air from the blower at the base, which dries the clothes gently and carefully!
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【8 towel racks】Baby clothes and other light items can be placed on it and dried directly. Size: 75 x 47 x 175cm (29*18*68in); Large Capacity and 3-Tier Folding bracket: folding collection when not in use, saving space. Double fold, hold the middle string and lift up. Can collect to inconspicuous place.(Note: If you cannot fold it, please check if the plastic connector is connected in the reverse direction; do not force it, or it will damage the product.)

【Timer】Three gears of wind, and up to 240 minutes of timing, for different clothes to choose the appropriate drying time. Equipped with wireless remote control: for the elderly, pregnant women to avoid the trouble of bending.

【High concentration of negative ions】The increased bactericidal effect, cleaning clothes no pollution. The original machine is equipped with dust filter to effectively filter pollutants in the air, helping the dryer blank the clothes and saving you from inflicting mildew spores, pollen, odors, micro organism, viruses, mud and different risky airborne debris.

【0.4CM Thickened steel tube】The use of reinforced and thickened stainless steel bracket, increase capacity, 30kg bearing force. Flexible universal wheel, more convenient to move. The cloth cover strengthens the air vent, the top air vent accelerates the convection, further enhancing the drying efficiency.

【One machine multi-purpose】Frequently change and wash the baby’s clothes, sterilization and mite care for the baby’s health; Shoes, socks, towels, plush toys can be placed dry; daily storage, liberation wardrobe.


1. Dry clothes more protective clothing, three temperature adjustment. Can choose the temperature gear according to different clothing materials, which will not damage the clothing.

Cold air quick dry clothes, suitable for shirts, thin t-shirts; Low heat quick dry clothes, suitable for cotton and lint; High heat quick dry clothes, suitable for cotton jeans, coats.

2. Double layer temperature control protection: intelligent temperature control, safety fuse, double layer protection, safer to use.

One protection – temperature controller: monitor the temperature continuously. If the specified temperature is exceeded, the power will be cut off automatically and the machine will be restarted after the temperature drops.

Double protection-temperature fuse: when the current is too high, the fuse will cut off the circuit automatically. The fuse must be replaced to start the machine.

3. Non-detachable folding, optional storage: any small space can be received, bed bottom, sofa bottom, behind the door, gap and so on.

4. Fixed main engine: fast heating, drip-proof and skid proof design, fixed heating engine.

5. Cloth cover: waterproof and dustproof, no peculiar smell, tight and durable, keep the dry clothes space high sealing, put heat loss isolation dust. Effective moistureproof does not grow mildew.

Packing list: 24 x long steel tube; 6 x Short steel tube; 4 x Universal wheel; 8 x Fixed bracket; 1 x Cloth cover; 1 x manual.
Free Shipping⭐Usually ships within 4 to 6 working days.

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1500W 3-Tier 170cm Heated Electric Clothes Dryer Portable Foldable

1500W 3-Tier 170cm Heated Electric Clothes Dryer Portable Foldable

£59.99£89.99 (-33%)

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